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Our Mission

To reach the young children for Christ by helping them focus on the right habits towards a Total Man.

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Career Development Skills

We provide a range of career development skills through reading on diverse subjects, teaching, personal development, confidence building, vocational skills development and lastly health and lifestyle skills.

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About Us

Cent-dooots is a supportive virtual educational center for students: primary, secondary and undergraduates where we recognize the challenges confronting students (including University students) in their studies. We desire to offer helping hands with the aim of making education and study easy for students of different categories. One of our aims is to help students develop love for reading as they grow into adulthood and in later stage of life. We provide space for expression and are open to ideas to improve all, we build talents in different areas from interests, talent management to Higher institution in different subject matters.   

Mission, Vision


To reach out to the young people and help them build up the habit of reading.


To reach the young children, youth and young adult  for Christ by helping them focus on the right habits towards a Total Man

Do you know?

  • Children with poor reading skills receive poor grades at school, get distracted and frustrated, have behavioural problems and fail to develop to their full potential.
  • With better reading habits inequality and poverty can be reduced in our society.
  • An average teenager spend more hours on social media than time spent to read in order to gain knowledge.
  • At Centdooots our services are targeted towards different levels of students


Our services are dedicated towards supporting students of all ages from primary schools to the University and other interested adults. We tag our primary school members – CITA delegates. Our main aim for this group is to assist them develop love for reading. In addition to this aim we will equally develop their talents, looking out for their interests and getting books with topics in those subject matter to tailor those interests and build it in the delegates. 

CITA delegates are primary school pupils who are interested in building reading as a habit. For those who already know their passion we will tailor their passion along the subject matter and for those who have not yet discovered their passion, we will take time to see how they could be assisted in discovering their talents and build up their interests. All our delegates will have practical sessions along their discovered talents

CITA silver are undergrads who are already in the University studying different courses. Our aim is to grant support to this group towards term paper assignments, projects, thesis preparation. In order to enhance their employability we hope to assign them supervision of younger teens who they can also help to build up. In doing this, we intend to help our silver group gain mentoring experiences however with measures of control in place to ensure they are focused on the aim (supervision)

CITA gold are aged parents who are retired and in need of companionship. We reach this group through reading to them as well, discussions to engage them and appreciate their wealth of knowledge and experiences. Do you have aged parents at home, register them with us.

CITA special group are people who may not be able to read due to the eye impairment but they could hear. We aim to be inclusive and give support to those who cannot see but are willing to be read to. We will provide reading stories they can listen to as soon as we know topics of interest, we look for books on such topics and have them read to.

We intend to reach out to our community through the participation and input of interested schools, parents, organizations and other stakeholders. These adults are also targeted to making reading as habits for as many as are interested to do so. We also wish to encourage these parents read to their children in order to encourage bonding and learning. 

Note that all our services are virtual and affordable.

30 minutes: N5000

1 hour: N10, 000


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